These Two Twins Reacting to Phil Collins' 'In the Air Tonight' for the First Time Are All of Us

They were not prepared for the epic drum fill that was to come

There’s few songs that have the distinction of being so memorable that people vividly recall the first time they heard it.

The Phil Collins classic “In the Air Tonight” qualifies as one of those songs as its epic drum fill has shocked first-time listeners for nearly 30 years. Whether you got your first taste of it on the radio, on his album Face Value, or in the classic scene from The Hangover, most people remember their reaction to hearing it for the first time.

Thanks to the internet, we get to see the reactions of people listening to the song for the very first time.

21-year-old twins Tim and Fred Williams run the YouTube channel TwinsTheNewTrend and regularly upload videos of themselves listening to various songs and reacting to them.

Their recent upload has gone viral as it showcases their incredible reaction to “In the Air Tonight” where they absolutely lose it when the drum fill hits.

Check it out at the 4:56 mark below.

“Cold,” “unique,” and “a straight banger” were how the Williams brothers described it as they added they “weren’t prepared for that.”

We can relate, guys.

Predictably, the internet fell in love with their reaction with numerous Twitter users referencing the video.

“Phil Collins. Blowing minds solo since 1982,” one wrote.

“Only in 2020: Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air Tonight’ for Song of the Summer,” another added.

As evidenced by the Williams brothers, one thing becomes certain, the world needs more Phil Collins reaction videos.

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