TikTok Star Disturbs Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo's Recovery From Coronavirus With 'COVID Parties'

'They don’t seem to care about public health'

Mark Mothersbaugh apparently suffered from a severe case of COVID-19 that brought him “close to death” during a June ICU visit.

The Devo lead singer’s wife Anita broke the news during an interview with The Daily Mail. Mark returned to his California home to recover. That’s when she says their neighbors made things worse.

“It makes me crazy, the sheer inconsideration. It goes on all day long. There are people in the pool screaming, they’re blasting music and there are cars parked all down the street,” she said. The family lives two doors down from 21-year-old TikTok star Bryce Hall. Reports began surfacing the social media sensation was throwing massive parties where social distancing was completely ignored.

Dubbed the “Sway House,” Hall threw incredibly loud and boisterous parties where reports of “defecating and urinating in the street, having sex in cars and smoking marijuana” took place. The scene got so bad last week, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti shut off power to the house after neighbors repeatedly complained about noise.

Needless to say, Mark didn’t get the kind of rest and relaxation an eclectic 80’s rock star would require to beat the coronavirus. “They don’t seem to care about public health,” Anita said.

That’s the opposite when it comes to Devo. The '80s Alt-rock pioneer released "Energy Dome" hats, complete with a face shield celebrating the 40 year anniversary of the dome's introduction into pop culture - but also as a way to keep fans properly socially distanced.

You can whip back vapor droplets, whip ‘em real good, and get DEVO’s "Energy Dome" PPE Kit here.

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