Aaron Lewis braves appendicitis, kidney stones, and no good, very bad week

Things can only go up from here, right?
Aaron Lewis
Photo credit Mat Hayward/Contributor/Getty Images

Aaron Lewis has had a tough start to the new year. Last week he was forced to cancel three shows after being hospitalized for Appendicitis, but that was only the beginning.

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Following the removal of his appendix, instead of feeling relief, Lewis began to feel a different pain which he described in a recent Instagram post as “like-I’ve-never-experienced-pain.”

Turns out, in addition to an infected appendix, Lewis also had a kidney stone which took four days to pass.

“Laying here recovering from having my appendix out,” the rocker shared via Instagram on Wednesday. “On top of that, I’ve had a kidney stone SLOWLY snaking it’s way through me for the last 4 days. After intense like-I’ve-never-experienced-pain, I successfully passed this kidney stone today.”

Lewis appears to be on the mend as he shared a photo showcasing his new personal best in fishing after a two-day trip with a friend and fishing mentor.

“I caught my new personal best for the second time in a week,” he shared. “It was truly an honor to catch my new PB mid-instruction from one of my fishing gurus.”

Glad to see things are looking up!

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