Audacy's Country Hit Pick of the Week: Keith Urban - ‘Wild Hearts’

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Keith Urban's 'Wild Hearts'
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Our Audacy Country "Hit Pick of the Week" is Keith Urban’s “Wild Hearts.”

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Listen up, dreamers. Keith Urban has the encouragement you need to keep paving your path to success with a song you’ll have on repeat in no time, only enhanced when turned up to 10!

“Wild Hearts,” is Urban’s follow-up single to his duet, “One Too Many,” with Pop star, P!NK, and a second song on the current charts for the New Zealand-born Country star who is also climbing as a featured artist on Breland’s “Throw It Back.”

“To all of the lost ones who aren’t really lost ones, this song is for you,” Urban wrote on Instagram, posting the new single. “We are WILD HEARTS!”

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A “Wild Heart” himself, Urban uses the song to speak directly to those with a dream singing, "This goes out to the drifters and all of the dreamers ready to fly / All those born-to-be rock stars, keep lifting your guitars and painting the sky / Can you hear me? All of you lost ones who aren’t really lost ones, keep shining your light / This goes out to the wild cards, who’s got a wild heart just like mine?”

Urban’s lyrics are sure to motivate, as they come from the heart and are inspired by Urban’s own journey to fame. From playing shows at a baggage claim in a small airport, to his time judging up-and-coming stars on American Idol, Urban has been on his own wild journey, and is ready to use it to better the next generation.

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