Blake Shelton says you should give ‘Corn’ a chance

'It’s everywhere!'

Blake Shelton recently released his new album, Body Language, and we can tell you it doesn’t disappoint… especially if you love corn.

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The album is full of brilliant songs including “Minimum Wage,” “Bible Verses,” and “Happy Anywhere feat. Gwen Stefani,” but one song stands out as particularly brilliant and that’s, “Corn,” a literal ode to the golden vegetable. This is not a joke.

“I plant it, eat it. Like, it’s everywhere,” Blake told Audacy’s Rob + Holly. “I literally did backflips when I heard that song and I tried like hell [to make it the single]… I made a serious push for ‘Corn,’” Blake said.

He continued, “They [executives] came back with, ‘Hey man, I don’t know that everyone is as in to corn as you are,’” to which he responded, “But they are! They just don’t know it! It’s in their chips, they’re making corn bread, they drive past it on the highway… it’s everywhere.” Touché, Shelton!

Aside from his slightly-obsessive thoughts about corn, the 44-year-old singer also shared some other songs he’s ridiculously excited about from the album including the title track, “Body Language,” which features former Team Blake members from The Voice, The Swon Brothers.

“‘Body Language’ hit me as like a, 'Man, that sounds like an ‘80s rock song or somethin’ you know? I wanna cut that,’” he told Rob + Holly of the first time he heard the song, not realizing it had been written by his former team members.

“The fact that I didn’t even know it was them… it was almost like the song version of The Voice,” Blake joked referring to the show’s infamous blind auditions. “I know what it means to them and their career to finally get a break of some sort… I’m actually probably more excited for them than I am [for] me, if that makes any sense.”

It makes complete sense, as Blake has been celebrating the 20th anniversary of his debut single, “Austin,” going #1. Some may find it surprising that Blake wasn’t sold on the song when he first heard it.

“I thought the song was so cheesy,” Blake recalled. “I remember saying like, ‘Oh my God…. This guy he keeps leaving this like, outgoing message on his machine to this girl. Get over it, dude- that’s embarrassing!’” Well lucky for Blake, what he found “embarrassing,” millions of fans found romantic.

“It took me about a week, but eventually I fell in love with the song,” he shared. “I realized what a good song it was and a cool story.” We’re sure glad he came around! What would Country music even be without “Austin?”

Check out Blake’s entire conversation with Rob + Holly above to learn more about where he sees his career going in the coming years, and the embarrassing stories that got him to where he is now (beauty pageants are involved #justsayin’).

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