Blanco Brown Joins Tim McGraw for Touching 'Don't Take the Girl' Performance

The song holds a special place for both artists

Blanco Brown has been one of the biggest and brightest breakout stars of 2019, responsible for the full-fledge craze that is “The Git Up.”

The feel good, line dancing Hip Hop – Country hybrid caught fire earlier this year, blending the two worlds that Brown came from. The singer was raised in Atlanta on the sounds of Outkast, but came up with Country courtesy of his family in rural Georgia. Brown has explained that he got his first taste as a kid, listening to Tim McGraw’s 1994 classic, “Don’t Take The Girl.”

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Now 25 years later, with both McGraw and Brown crossing paths on tour in Australia, the two got together and performed the song that started it all.

“Oh that’s a dream,” Brown bursts, beaming with excitement after singing with McGraw. “That was awesome,” adds Tim with a smile. “You lit that song up.”

The song first caught the singer’s attention as a kid, but it wasn’t until a few repeat listens that it all started to sink in and really take hold for Brown. The sincere songwriting, the storytelling, the unshakable sense of determination of love all eventually impacted Blanco. “When I reviewed it again, and listened over and over again, I was just like, ‘oh man this song is so deep and full of purpose.’ And then I decided to make my whole life about purpose, and don’t make my street circumstances be my reality,” Brown confessed. “And it all started with that song.”

Clearly touched, McGraw extends his hand and goes in for a hug. “Oh man that’s so awesome,” Tim responds. “Let’s do some more work together.”

You can watch the full conversation and performance from Tim McGraw and Blanco Brown above.

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