Blanco Brown on How “The Git Up” Challenge Came to Life

Watch our exclusive interview on his viral dance

“Around 2008, I was doing traditional country records. So I got to the point where I was like, ‘I want to put some more pizazz on it,’” the genre-bending Blanco Brown explains of how his hit record came to be.

“The Git Up” is Blanco Brown’s line-dancing hip hop song. Traditional country flare is mixed in with Blanco’s hip hop listening habits, making for the perfect storm of influences. While experimenting with his style, Blanco figured out that adding trap beats to a country song could create something really special.

“I started adding 808s, and beat boxing, and kicks, and snares. It made everybody listen,” he explains. Along with developing a genre of his own, Blanco created the viral The Git Up Challenge and landed himself a song that was in what felt like every TikTok video.

The feel-good song is making its round exactly how Blanco dreamed it would. With a unique place in country music and its ability to brighten people’s days, “The Git Up” getting a well-deserved moment in the spotlight. “It’s purpose over money. But, you know… I still like getting a little money here and there,” Blanco jokes of how he’s attempted to make a lasting “moment” with his music.

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