Brett Eldredge got into the workout routine we wish we got into during quarantine

Brett Eldredge hears ‘exercise’ when we hear ‘extra fries’

Brett Eldredge spent his quarantine time wisely, and we’re over here just trying to get on his level.

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While many are trying to shed the “quarantine 15,” Brett admits he spent so much time exercising he had to focus on gaining weight.

“I got so into running that I got super lean, I feel I got almost too thin,” Brett said laughing. “I was like ‘Man, I gotta put on some pounds!’ It was amazing, I was really healthy but I just felt like I looked like I needed to go get a bite to eat and lift some weights.”

With every reason to reach for cheeseburgers and milkshakes, Brett kept it healthy by moving his focus to spin class and lifting weights.

“It’s helped my mind stay as good as it can be through the last couple years,” he shared.

In addition to focusing on his physical wellness, Brett made an effort be more attentive to his mental well-being, and now he’s singing a happier tune… Literally.

Brett emerged from quarantine with a new single, “Good Day,” which has him spreading all the good vibes and honestly, we’ve never needed them more!

“I wrote that when I was on this journey of self awareness [and] figuring myself out,” Brett told Audacy’s Katie Neal of the song. “I had a lot of things to be grateful for in my life but I wasn’t looking towards the grateful things, I was looking towards the negative things.I  learned I don’t want to wake up and look at life that way, I want to wake up and look at life like ‘Wow, today’s going to be a good day.”

“Good Day” is the second single off Brett’s album, Sunday Drive, which released July 2020. More than a year after its release, Brett is finally getting the opportunity to perform his “new” music in front of a live audience as he embarks on his Good Day Tour, which kicked off this week with special guest, Morgan Evans.

“It’s such the kind of album that you want to be able to perform live,” said the 35-year-old. “It was a bummer to not be able to go out and promote this live because that’s how you grow this kind of album and everything and so I’ve just been dying to get out there and play this music.”

He continued, “I think the headspace I’m in and the way my band and crew are and anybody that plays music, honestly, is going to be so grateful… grateful to connect, grateful to see a smile on each other’s faces… I won’t take a single second of it for granted.”

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