Brett Eldredge responds to Carly Pearce after she shared that he'd be her dating 'exception'

'That’s awesome'
Brett Eldredge
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While in conversation with RADIO.COM's Gunner and Cheyenne from KMLE in Phoenix, Brett Eldredge gave us some insight into his latest single, “Good Day (2021),” and also shared a sweet response to Carly Pearce who said Brett was the only man in the music industry she’d consider dating.

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Most recently, Eldredge updated “Good Day” to be more fitting for 2021, adding some specific new twists and takes on the song. “I just kind of freshened it up a little bit, for a new year, for a new look…. I wanted to get a new outlook out there with this song,” explains the Country star.

“I feel better about 2021 than I did 2020,” adds Brett. The singer also shares, “this song is all about putting your best foot forward when you wake up and choosing to have a good day instead of focusing on all the negative crap that is surrounding us daily.”

The original version of “Good Day” appears on Eldredge’s most recent album, Sunday Drive, which debuted in 2020.

Additionally, after hearing that he would be Carly Pearce’s exception for dating somebody in the industry, Brett laughs and coyly says, “that’s awesome, she’s awesome, that’s amazing,” practically being able to hear the Country singer blushing over the phone. Eldredge tells us that he’s always respected Pearce as a musician and enjoyed getting to know her when she opened for him and Blake Shelton on tour “a few years back.” Brett concludes, “she’s a great person and a great singer.”

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