Chris Lane shares his 'dad bod dilemma'

'I’ve been eatin’, eatin’, eatin’'

Chris Lane recently joined Audacy’s Jesse Addy during the Country Top 20 and opened up about his dad bod dilemma. Lane admitted to Jesse he feels like he has a lot of work to do before he will feel physically ready to give his maximum effort on the stage.

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Expectations are high for Chris, as he arguably covers the most ground on stage than anyone else in Country Music. With a year off from touring due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and preparing to be a dad any day now, Chris admits he’s prioritized munchies over muscles.

“I have 100% taken on the dad bod at this point,” Chris told Jesse. “Being at home every night with a wife that cooks, I’ve been eatin’, eatin’, eatin.’”

It’s OK, Chris. You aren’t the only one who prefers extra fries over exercise at this point of the pandemic. We’re right there with you.

“During this pandemic I go write and sit in a room all day and keep eatin’ snack after snack after snack.”

Regardless of what kind of shape he is in, Chris says he’ll be ready to take on his first live show this summer.

“My first show back is July 3 and I’ve made a commitment and promise to myself by then I will be back in tour shape,” he said while laughing.

Whatever shape he finds himself in by then, we know fans will be excited to welcome him back to the stage and start enjoying live music again, together!

Watch Jesse and Chris' full conversation about the dad bod dilemma above.

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