Dierks Bentley hopes to convince people he's a 'better singer than Chris Stapleton' with CMA award

'I'm like the Susan Lucci of Male Vocalist nominations, but I'll take it'
Dierks Bentley
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Country superstar Dierks Bentley has a lot to look forward to. He's performing at the NASCAR Cup Series championship this weekend at the Phoenix Raceway, plus Dierks has big CMAs plans this year with a few of his pals, and he's extended his Beers On Me Tour.

Dierks called up Audacy's Gunner and Cheyenne this week to talk about his upcoming performances, the 2021 CMA's, and his appearance on The Voice which has since caused him to make a few new friends!

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Dierks is fired up for the big ol' NASCAR weekend fast-approaching in Phoenix on Sunday, November 7. "It's gonna be awesome! I haven't been to a race in so long, it feels like," he says. "The last time I played a race is like, three years. To have one in the hometown is pretty awesome. My mom is coming out to the show, it gives me a chance to play some songs, watch a race -- a championship race at that -- pretty awesome."

"It's kind of one of those fun things you get to do as a Country singer, if you like NASCAR, which I do," Dierks adds. "You get a chance to perform and watch the race. It's kind of a win-win situation."

Also just around the corner are the 2021 Country Music Awards, where Dierks has been nominated for the Male Vocalist and Video of the Year categories and will be performing a special collaboration of "Beers On Me" with Breland and Hardy. "I think it's both their first times ever performing on the show, which makes me feel great, getting some new guys involved," he says. "It's 'Country music's biggest night,' they say. I've been nominated a few times; I think I've been nominated for Male Vocalist, honestly like maybe 12 times," Dierks adds. "It's a lot, and I'm super grateful for each one. I've never won that award, but I do get nominated a lot. I'm like the Susan Lucci of Male Vocalist nominations, but I'll take it."

Make no mistake, "It would be nice to win," Dierks admits. "I've been telling people for years I'm a better singer than Chris Stapleton, and no one believes me. If I had this hardware that's backed by scientific data, people might actually start believing me when I say, 'Yo, I've been telling you I'm a much better singer than Chris Stapleton, and look I have this plastic trophy here to prove it.' It would really help put an end to the argument because I just don't understand how people don't understand that." All joking aside, Dierks admits, "it's hard to be in a category with him... but I am super honored to be nominated."

Dierks also spoke about his recent experience on The Voice, and the impact the appearance on national television has had on his ability to keep a low profile. "I've had neighbors walk up to me that I've never met before [and say], 'oh my god, we saw you on 'The Voice,'" he explains. "I'm like, 'I've been living here for a while now and 'The Voice' is the first time you've ever heard of me?!' It just shows you that show has so much reach!"

But don't get your hopes up. If a spinning chair was ever offered, he says he would decline. "I really like just being able to be a normal guy. I'm always thankful when someone recognizes me and I'm super appreciative to take a picture or autograph, but I really like just being able to ease in and out and go where I want to go... Cruisin' around the Walmart, I like to just be able to do my thing and not have to have someone with me."

Listen to the full interview with Dierks Bentley above and stay tuned for more exclusive conversations with your favorite artists on Audacy.

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