Dolly Parton is launching a line of baked goods, so here's our wallet

Dolly Parton always makes life a little sweeter!
Dolly Parton
Photo credit Matthew Peyton/Stringer/Getty Images

Dolly Parton, who celebrated her 76th birthday earlier this month, has found a new way to spread joy through one of her favorite hobbies — baking!

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The birthday girl will release her very own line of Duncan Hines baked goods in March that will allow fans to cook up some of her all-time favorite goodies, like banana bread and coconut cake.

“Everybody loves banana pudding,” Parton exclaimed while describing her new baking products to HuffPost. “But the banana pudding cake has all of those flavors and it lasts a little longer. It don’t cave in and it’s prettier to serve than just a pudding. And everybody loves coconut cake. I don’t know anybody, unless you’re allergic to coconut, that don’t like coconut cake.”

While Dolly’s mixes are a sure fix for any sweet tooth, she also hopes fans will find the same peace of mind she does while baking them.

“I think cooking is therapeutic, whether you’re cooking cakes or cooking food,” she shared. “It gives me a lot of personal time and allows me time to think and reflect while I’m cooking. I love the kitchen; it’s my favorite place to be.”

Keep an eye out for Dolly’s Duncan Hines baked goods beginning in March. They’ll be easy to spot with pink packaging and a character image of the queen herself.

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