Dylan Scott dreads difficult discussion with his son, Beckett

'I’m going to tell him, and he’s not going to like it very much'

Touring is back and everyone is celebrating! Well, everyone but Dylan Scott’s 3-year-old son, that is.

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In an effort to downsize, post-pandemic, and re-establish connections with his band as they tour, Dylan’s wife, Blair, and their two kids, Beckett (3) and Finlay (1), will not travel on the tour bus like they’ve done in years past.

“I’m not going back to two busses this year,” Dylan told Audacy’s Jesse Addy. “I want to go back to one bus, spend that time with my band, who I have not seen in a year. Kind of get back to the basis of just us being a band.”

While Dylan, who recently won a CMT Award for Breakthrough Video Of The Year, has the best of intentions with the change, he is not looking forward to breaking the news to his three-year-old son, who thrives while being on the road with his Dad.

“I’m going to tell him, and he’s not going to like it very much,” Dylan said. “He got to ride the bus, he got to go to soundcheck, he got to see the shows… He got to come on stage and play drums and all that good stuff. But man, the kid loves music and loves being out on the road so, it’s going to be tough.”

Beckett won’t be the only one to shed a tear or two. Fans who have gotten to know the outgoing toddler through regular appearances on Dylan’s social media pages are sure to be bummed as well when they find out there won’t be any adorable cameos on stage. But maybe there’s some hope…

“I’m going to bring him out to a couple shows, but it ain’t like ‘Hey, alright let’s hop on the bus, we’re goin’ to work.’”

Dylan continued, “It’s going to be a big change, but don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved being home and spending this time with my wife and my kids and being a full-time daddy, but really looking forward to getting back on the bus with all my guys and just doin’ it how we use to do it.”

Dylan will hit the road as a part of Luke Bryan’s Proud To Be Right Here Tour, beginning July 8. Check out the full talk about breaking it to Beckett above.

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