FANDEMIC: Chase Rice Is Ready to Get Back in Front of Fans as Soon as Possible

'I'll play small venues, I'll play to 200 people.... as long as it's live'

Chase Rice is continuing to reveal his latest project, The Album, blessing fans with Part II this past Friday. The North Carolina native is not letting this uncertain time stop him from getting the music to fans, blasting into the ears of anyone who wants it.

On Wednesday, May 20, the “Eyes On You” singer joined RADIO.COM's Katie Neal for an exclusive FANDEMIC session on Facebook and Twitter, answering questions from around the world and letting us in on what else he’s been up to.

Chase kicked off the conversation with a small tease of what once was, saying he's "living it like normal... going on tour and doing all that stuff," but clearly he was safe in his backyard under a newly tinned roof.

"At the very beginning I loved it," Rice says, now two-months into home-quarantine. "I have a crew too, I think a lot of people have their 'quarantine crews.' I'm not sure anybody has gone as hard as we have," he admits with a smirk. "We've gotten to the point where we're like, 'alright we've taken this too far, guys. The party was Friday-Saturday, now it's basically Thursday to Monday... let's calm down here."

While Chase appreciates this as a special time to hold onto, he's split. "I can't imagine any other way how we could have enjoyed it more, but yeah, it's time to get back to work here i think. It's not going to be like were just gonna be thrown back into the fire, touring like crazy," he admits. "There's still going to be a lot of quarantine throughout the summer - or at least time off. I don't know about quarantine."

Chase stuck around with us for quite a while answering fan questions about the hobbies he's picked up while staying at home (he knows where his pots and pans are now and his closets look great!), his go-to workout playlists, setlist requests, and more.

While the coronavirus crisis has put touring plans on hold, Chase says he's open to performing at much smaller venues as things ramp back up to normalcy, and admits he's looking to get back in front of friendly faces as soon as possible.

"I'm not a big fan of the social-distancing thing, I'll be straight up about that," says Rice. "I just don't know if it's the right thing we should be doing - and who knows? Because of all the different messaging we're getting - or who knows what the hell to believe. So I am a big fan of 'let people decide who they want to hang out with and how many people they want to be around.'"

"We will obviously adhere to the law - but I don't even know what the hell the law is anymore. As soon as they let us go, I'll play small venues, I'll play to 200 people.... as long as it's live."

"As soon as they're allowed to be out there, and I can see the people's faces, and it's legal, I'm doing it immediately."

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