Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard shows off massive new tattoo

Nature comes to life with the country star's latest ink

Tyler Hubbard wants you to bask in the majesty of his lasted arm ink.

The Florida Georgia Line singer posted a short video to Instagram showing off his latest left bicep tattoo. “New tat who dis?,” Hubbard wryly captions.
“I’m so pumped on this piece and can’t thank @bubbaitattoos enough for sharing his time and talent with me.”

His tattoo artist needled a gigantic lion pondering into the distance with stoic intensity. What’s that lion thinking? Perhaps he’s eying a juicy gazelle prancing across the plains amid an Amazonian heat. Maybe he just started watching Grey’s Anatomy and remains enthralled over Dr. Yang’s love affair with Dr. Burke. It’s also possible he’s just stunned at ending up on Tyler Hubbard’s arm. We may never know…

Below the lion is a fierce looking owl, wings abreast, communicating to his ground-level prey “I’m going to get you!” It’s all pretty intense, to say the least.

It’s not the first time Tyler has summoned the animal kingdom upon his flesh. The singer got an elephant tattoo back in 2018 to commemorate time he and his wife spent in Africa. “I love these unbelievable animals and everything they represent,” he emphatically captioned.

“Thanks @bundutattoo for making this a special piece even if it was the longest session ever for the both of us. #12hourslater #worthit”

Tyler’s latest ink is just one detail in an eventful year for the country star. He and wife Hayley welcomed their third child, Atlas Roy Hubbard, on September 24 in Nashville. He weighed in at 8 lbs 2 oz. and, the couple tells People, arrived over a week late.

"We were just convinced he was happy in his little hot tub, safe from 2020," they laugh.

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