Get To Know: Rob + Holly

The talented duo bring a life's worth of Country living and star access to the radio
By , Audacy

Audacy’s Rob Stone and Holly Hutton broadcast the heart and soul of Country music every weekday from 7PM – 12AM on your favorite Audacy Country station. Each of them grew up on the rural outskirts of Michigan where music and family influenced their way of life and connection to Country music.

“I was born and raised in Almont Michigan, and kind of grew up out in the sticks on a dirt road,” Rob shares. About 50 miles north of Detroit, his childhood brimmed with music and spirit that defined his early taste in music. “The music bug was really just from my parents’ cranking up a lot of classic rock music. They’re from the generation of ‘keep doing your thing’ and ‘don’t let the kids run the show,’” he admits.

“Looking back it’s great because I have such a love for music because it was always on in our house.”

Holly grew up right outside of Detroit, but her first love wasn’t the sound of a guitar. It was the thunderous gallop of horses along the country side. “I feel like horses are just in my DNA,” she says. An early love of riding began to influence her free spirited vibe, attracting Holly to the pure emotion of Country music.

“For me, horses are home and that’s what Country music is. It’s that home feeling. Like a good cozy bowl of soup, or a nice fuzzy blanket,” she says. “For me, that’s what Country music is.” She still nurtures that feeling today, living on a 17 acre hobby farm.