Happy Anywhere: Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton find their first home together

Home is where the heart is for this Country couple

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been living in domesticated bliss for quite some time now, and as the couple has been a couple for going on five years, they’ve decided to take the next step and purchase their first home together.

As reported by ET, Blake and Gwen closed on a $13.2 million Encino, California home earlier this year in an off-market deal. Their new three floor, 13,000-square foot crib features a four-car garage, a state-of-the-art home theater, a pool with inset spa and a cabana, a full wet bar and outdoor kitchen. Not bad.

Encino will be quite the change for the modern family as Stefani, and her sons Kingston, 14, Zuma, 12, and Apollo, 6, had been spending their quarantine time at Shelton's Oklahoma ranch.

Speaking of quarantine, just this week the cute couple and The Voice co-judges shared their quarantine actives in a video the show posted ahead of its season debut on October 19, which we are impatiently and excitedly waiting for due to many reasons.

One being the witty banter among the judges, two, the flirting between Blake and Gwen, duh. And thirdly but certainly not lastly Gwen’s outfits. It’s no secret banana spelling, Hollerback girl has exquisite fashion sense, and when watching The Voice, she makes every day a runway.

Gwen has always been a trendsetter and recently even took a trip down memory lane with Vogue to reminisce about the music video that defined her 90s style, 25 years later. Yes, of course we’re talking about the No Doubt classic, “I’m Just A Girl.”

“I don’t think I thought too much about wanting it to be a tomboy look, but I think the message behind the video was the divide between the genders,” Stefani explains. “That separation of the two genders is something we saw our whole lives, and I think ‘Just a Girl’ was just about coming of age and being aware of your sexuality.”

Seemingly, it was the difference between the two that inspired Stefani to play with her fashion choices. “I really liked the idea of mashing time periods together, so my face and hair would be inspired by a glamorous screen siren from the olden days, and from my chin down, I was quite masculine in the way that I dressed. But then it would be fun to find one girly thing to add, like, I’d let my bra straps show and let them be a contrasting color or put diamonds on the bra straps. I was really into this whole sort of masculine and feminine thing at the same time. It’s weird, I didn’t really think about it then, but I really was. It was very natural, though—it wasn’t really thought out. It was just everything that I loved put together.”

Well Blake and Gwen are everything we love put together, so congratulations are in order to the couple on their (e)stately new purchase. And congratulations are order to us, because The Voice is almost back and, well you know why we’re happy about that.

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