Lady A's Hillary Scott on the empowering life lessons she teaches her three young daughters

'We use words around our house like 'brave,' and 'strong'

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Hillary and her husband Chris Tyrrell, blessed with three girls, have been spending plenty of time at home with the little ones during the long pause in touring. Getting in tons of love, learning, and musical fun, you can see in the post below of little Betsy singing along with mom.

"It's really fun to watch them just come alive with their love of music," says Hillary. "So that's been life for us. Just soaking them up and just trying to come up with things to keep them occupied."

"We got a little puppy, well he's not little anymore, right before Christmas," she says as well about the growing family.

"We've been in the throes of training him -- which has been such an amazing thing for my oldest, just to gain some responsibility. His name is Boomerang, because my oldest is in love with all things Australia... we call him Boomer."

Acknowledging how her girls model and emulate everything that their mom does in daily life, most importantly how she speaks of herself and others, one of Hillary's biggest tasks has become self-discipline. "To make sure that I'm becoming the strongest version of myself, and mother, and woman that I can be. Because they're just mirroring me."

"We use words around our house like 'brave,' and 'strong,'" she says. Hillary's Lady A bandmate Charles Kelly and his wife Cassie have also been a big part of the way she navigates raising the girls.

"She shared something with me several years ago... It was, 'make sure that you tell your daughters that they're smart head over feet more times than you tell them they're beautiful.' Not that you don't tell them that they're beautiful, and what you see in them is great," Hillary clarifies. "But to tell a young girl especially that you're smart, you're kind, you're brave is just a really important part of building the blocks of self-confidence and it not just being about outward beauty."

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