HOME SCHOOLED: Jordan Davis Gives in to 'Tiger King' Craze and Does Not Regret It.

The singer just released a new song called 'Detours'

Jordan Davis released his debut album, Home State, in 2018 and he already has three top ten singles under in his belt. The Louisiana native is hoping to add to that total with his just-released new song “Detours.”

Davis is also itching to get back on the road, but he’s playing it safe for now like most other artists. The 31-year-old is practicing social distancing and spending a lot of time indoors with his wife during the coronavirus scare. And all that free time has led him to an important discovery: the Netflix documentary “Tiger King” is worthy of the hype.

“I held out on it for a long time because I thought it was going to be stupid. And I was very wrong. It was fantastic,” he said in our exclusive “Home Schooled” video above.

Davis is pretty much sticking to Netflix and music at home, while leaving the online shopping to his wife. He found a mysterious item laying around that was recently delivered, which is also revealed in the video. Like the rest of us, Davis is just trying ride out the storm.

“It’s very important that we all stay safe, stay at home, and do our part to stop the spread of coronavirus,” he said.

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