Jameson Rodgers recalls Luke Combs sliding into his DMs

Jameson tells Coop all the deets

With a name like Jameson, it’s obvious he was destined for Country music fame and apparently Luke Combs thought the same when he decided to slide into Jameson Rodgers’ DMs.

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“Literally slid into my DMs on Instagram,” Jameson told Audacy’s Coop. “This was right before ‘Hurricane’ was a hit,” he recalled, while explaining Luke reached out after hearing a song off Jameson’s first EP and asked him to “write sometime.” Turns out that would just be the beginning of their success together.

“We ended up writing [and] fast forward another year to the next EP he hits me up and says ‘Man, you should come out and open shows with me. I’m doing this arena tour.’ So I ended up playing 60 arenas with Luke.”

Now, roughly 5 years after that first DM, they both have hit the #1 spot on the charts individually and are now vying for a #1 hit together with their collab, “Cold Beer Calling My Name,” off Jameson’s new EP, In It For The Money.

Don’t let the title fool you, while Jameson is proud to have reached success as an artist, money is the furthest thing from his #1 motivator.

“The song is about how… I would do this [sing] for the rest of my life for a just gettin’ by salary,” Rodgers shared. “There is no amount of money [that could replace] the feeling you get bein’ on stage singing and hearin’ people singing songs back to you… that’s priceless.”

If Jameson thought singing to fans before the pandemic was priceless, he’s in for a big treat. While he’s a known road warrior, he hasn’t been able to play a live show since he struck his first #1 six months ago with his debut single to Country radio, “Some Girls.”

“The last show we played, I didn’t even have a top 40 [song],” said Jameson. “And now, by the time we play another show, my second song is in the top 40… I’m just excited to see how many new fans we have and how loud they sing the songs. Man, it’s going to be fun.”

Check out the rest of Jameson’s interview above for some stories behind the songs and the jobs Jameson had to keep in order to make it in music.

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