Kane Brown is chasing down little Kingsley and new projects while enjoying time off the road

Teasing new music in-between diaper changes, Kane finds family life is still at the top of his mind

RADIO.COM's Katie Neal welcomed Kane Brown to our airwaves as this week’s co-host for the Superstar Power Hour.

Kane and his wife Katelyn have been keeping fans entertained while they endure the prolonged pause in touring with their adorable imitation videos and family photos of baby Kingsley, who is now just over a year old.

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Whether Kingsley's blossoming personality takes after mom or dad at the moment, Kane tells Katie, "I think both. I don't think you can really tell right now." Although he joked, "me and Kate have a little attitude. So, you can definitely see that's in her."

The "Cool Again" singer has also been trying his best to keep fit while off the road but after seven months of literally "going strong" while under lockdown, he may be outgrowing his home gym. "We gotta get more weights. Everything's still on backorder," he says. "I guess everybody's working out, plus the New Year's resolutions."

Aside from binging Cobra Kai on Netflix, which Kate isn't really into, the couple has been working on the family's new home and attempting to find some shred of normalcy by going out for dinners together. "Really, just been hanging out though. Vacationing it up. We both feel retired, bored out of our minds."

Kane's latest single, "Worship You," was written before his daughter was in his life and the focus was all on Katelyn. After her arrival and seeing the music video which features the whole family, he saw an entirely new meaning to the song.

"It was originally just me and Kate. I just worshiped our relationship and I worshiped her as a person," Kane explains. "I never thought of it this way but when I shot the video to put on Instagram, rewatching that was like, 'oh wow, this is my family.' I would never let anything break us apart. That's one of my favorite things that I always stand behind, is family, so it just made this song have a whole new meaning."

"It was awesome being able to use Kingsley and get her to be in the music video. I thought she looked adorable in her little Doc Martens," Kane laughed. "It's such a cool moment. I'm glad it's a song about my family that I'm getting to share with all the listeners."

Brown has been working on and teasing new music in between diaper-changes and sheet-rocking, finding that family life is still at the top of his mind.

"I started writing a song the other day for her," he says. "But it's still kind of like my song for my daughter. A song from before I even met her, and now she hasn't grown up enough yet for me to really write anything about her. I was kind of saying, 'you're one now, when I blink you're gonna be eighteen.' It's that kind of songwriting now."

Looking ahead to a new release, Kane says he's "got a good group of songs together... I know a lot of people are wondering if there's just going to be songs added to the first EP or if we're going to have a second EP. I will tell you that... 'Worship You' will probably be the only song that comes over for the rest of the album. You'll have 14 to 11 new songs to come out."

Besides the occasional social media tease, the singer is keeping tight-lipped about any further album details. "I think I'm gonna try to keep everything a secret... I usually tell everything," he admits. "But I've put songs up on the Instagram that are not gonna make the album. I was just excited for them at the time. It's cool letting my fans kind of guess which ones are gonna be on there and which ones aren't."

The RADIO.COM Country Artist of 2020 currently has a collaborative single out with Chris Young dedicated to some of their friends that "you probably never heard of, called "Famous Friends."

Kane says he immediately fell in love with the song upon hearing it, and it reminded him of the tracks written by Chris that he's covered himself over the years. "We wrote together before, but we've never had a single on the radio. So, it feels good to have a full-circle moment."

Watch the full interview with Kane and Katie above where he talks about a "weird moment" he had in a Las Vegas steak restaurant with another Country star, his first big purchase after going number 1, and what his go-to gas station snack is when he's gassing up that monster truck of his.