Watch Kelly Clarkson reveal to Garth Brooks which of his songs helped her through her divorce

'Even though my heart is broken, it was worth the dance anyway'
Garth Brooks Kelly Clarkson
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We all have that one song that marks something particularly trying, or joyful or simply momentous. For Kelly Clarkson, there was just one song that helped her get through the most complicated moments of her divorce from Brandon Blackstock.

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While making his appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly was able to reveal to Garth Brooks, that his song “The Dance” was the track that has been by her side during the divorce. Clarkson shares that while going through the various emotions that her divorce brought on, it was difficult to nail down exactly how she was feeling or find something that truly encapsulated all her different thoughts until she heard “The Dance.”

“I kid you not, I was listening to my playlist and ‘The Dance’ came on and I was like ‘no that’s the thing, that’s it!’ So I literally wrote this whole thing, therapeutically for me, it’s actually on my next album,” explains Kelly. Clarkson then sings to Garth her own line, “even though my heart is broken, it was worth the dance anyway,” and shares with him that it was inspired by his classic that deeply resonated with her.

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Clarkson has been singing “The Dance” since childhood, but the song’s meaning didn’t hit her until she was faced with processing the emotions of this new chapter in her life.

The singer also tells us that all the books and tools she has used to try and grapple with the onset of new emotions were helpful, but nothing clicked until she happened to listen to Garth’s song. “I got the point,” Clarkson tells Brooks. She adds, “I think like sometimes that’s so crazy, you don’t know that’s going to happen, and you’ve known this song your entire life and you freak out when it’s actually a direct impact.”

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