Chris Young couldn't believe Kenny Chesney was the first to congratulate him on hitting number 1

The 'Famous Friends' singer looks back, and ahead to new music

RADIO.COM's Katie Neal welcomed singer Chris Young to our airwaves as this week’s co-host for the Superstar Power Hour.

It goes without saying, but Chris has been keeping himself busy at home as the music industry reels from the effects of the pandemic, and at this point, he's not sure there are any more hobbies he and his pup Porter can pick up.

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Quarantine has been productive for the "Famous Friends" singer. "I think I've gotten all of them," he says about new skills learned while at home. "Or at least tried them," he tells Katie. "The funny thing is, I like to cook anyway, so I just kind of took this as an opportunity to try to cook stuff that I've never made before. Most of that went well... it was a lot of fun."

He's also had the luxury of being able to work on music during the pause in his Nashville studio. "I've been really busy, just not busy necessarily playing shows like I'd like to."

Not an avid binge-watcher, although he did go back to watch old episodes of Dexter, Chris says he's more into movies and has seen just about every flick that has dropped over the last year -- "good or bad."

One recommendation: "I liked the new 'Wonder Woman,'" he says with some hesitation. "There's been a lot of, 'eh it's not as good as the first one,' and I get that. But I enjoyed it. I thought it was a good movie."

He's also a big video game fan. You can find Chris playing Call Of Duty: Warzone online with his "Famous Friend," Kane Brown most nights. "It's a good passage of time and it's a way for me to hang out with some friends even if we're far apart."

Young's latest single is dedicated to some of the famous friends that "you probably never heard of," a collaboration with Kane that highlights just why these folks are renowned in their own small town ways.

"They loved it. I didn't have anybody mad at me that I included them," he says. I had a couple of people who were like, 'well why didn't I make the cut?' But outside of that it was all good."

As for how the song came to fruition, he explains "I was lucky enough to get to know [Kane] before his record deal at Sony... Just an incredibly talented dude." When writing the song, Chris realized two guys dueting on the single would make perfect sense. "He was the first person I thought of, shot him the song and he was like, 'I love this. Let's do it, let's go.'"

As he looks ahead to future releases, "having more music is not the issue," Chris admits. "It's how we're going to release it and when we're going to release it. The big first step was getting this out."

The next chapter for Chris is kind of a mix of the songs that have made him a household name, those being "Raised On Country," "Drowning," and his latest above. "There's some very different things that we've layered in there," as well he says. "There's just been so much writing on my end that there's been a lot to pick from. And then I've found songs that I wasn't a writer on that I fell in love with during this process."

"It's a really good mix. It's falling in love, falling out of it and everything in between."

Looking back at his very first number-one single "Gettin' You Home," otherwise known as "The Black Dress Song," Chris remembered vividly the moment he found out it had topped the charts. He received a call from his friend Keith at his label who is known for pranking people. After handing over the phone to another person who broke the big news to Chris, he realized it was someone attempting a Kenny Chesney impression.

"He started saying certain things, he never told me who it was... and I'm like, 'oh this dude's pretending to be Kenny Chesney, that's funny.' So I was like, 'yeah man thanks, sure.' He goes, 'hey maybe meet up with us later for a beer' and hands the phone back. My buddy Keith's like, 'how 'bout that dude? You have a number-one record and you had Kenny Chesney congratulate you!'"

"I'm like, 'stop it, who is that?' He goes, 'no, I'm on his plane. It's really Kenny Chesney.'" That's when it all hit him, so he asked "so where am I meeting him for a beer later?!"

If that wasn't a gift enough, the very first purchase he made after going number-one was "a used washer and dryer" for his house. "Very, very boring," he admits. "I promise there have been other things I've purchased since then!"

Watch the full interview with Katie and Chris above to find out the last celebrity he's had the pleasure of meeting that caused him to be starstruck, who he'd want to play him in a movie about his life, his first concert, and more.

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