You won’t find Kip Moore touring in December or January, here’s why…

He's packing his bags for a different reason in the winter

No one can “hang loose” quite like our favorite Country beach bum, Kip Moore. While he’s an artist fully committed to traveling and bringing music to fans across the world, Kip admits he has a very strict schedule come the winter months. Absolutely no one should be surprised to learn it has everything to do with surfing…

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“There’s nothing like it,” Kip told Audacy’s Rob Stone of Rob + Holly about surfing. “It’s the complete check-out for me. It cuts my brain off.”

December and January are the months Kip completely commits to checking out and traveling to his favorite surfing destinations to shred the gnar.

“Every winter, my last show is usually December 15 and the next day, I fly to Costa Rica and I surf for a month there and then I surf either Mexico, Puerto Rico or Maui for a month and then I go back out on tour for ten months.”

A solid two months of surfing is not only good for the Kip’s mind, but also his voice, which he says can get tired with the amount of touring he does.

“I’ve been super fortunate that it’s held up all these years,” Kip said of his signature raspy singing voice. “I try not to speak, as much as I can, on show days, but every time I say I’m not going to talk all day, I end up talkin’.”

He continued, “The problem is, it’s raspy regardless, and then when I really stretch thin, it gets way too [much]. There’s a fine line.” No such thing as too rasp when it comes to Kip for us!

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