Lee Brice should teach a class on ‘Ninja Turtles’ and bus radiators

Someone's got their priorities straight!

Lee Brice scooped up some major cool points over the weekend at Tortuga music festival in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

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Not only did he score a 4.5/5 in Rob + Holly’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle trivia, but he also gave us a whole new perspective on some Vanilla Ice lyrics that we’ll never get out of our minds.

“Vanilla Ice is here?! I always go ‘Brice, Brice baby!’” Lee sang to the melody of the rapper’s “Ice Ice Baby” upon finding out he was a part of the festival’s performance line-up.

After giving one of the funnest interviews of the day, we come to find out Lee almost didn’t make it to the festival, and what a shame that would have been!

“Radiator. Bus. Nail through it,” Lee paraphrased with some expressive hand motions to portray why he almost didn’t make it to the festival.

“A radiator on a bus is not in the front where you would expect something to hit it, the radiator is in the back!” Anyone else learn something new? “I’m like, how, did a nail get??? It’s like all up in all kinda stuff,” he continued before revealing the whole nail, radiator, bus fiasco resulted in little sleep for the “Memory I Don’t Mess With,” singer.

So maybe he was a little loopy, but if we learned anything from this interview — a loopy Lee is a fun Lee!

“I like doin’ shows on no sleep!! I feel like I’m in Vegas for four days or something,” he said, dancing. “Say stupid stuff, have fun!” #NewLifeMotto

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