Lee Brice sought help from Thomas Rhett and Rhett Akins to write this epic party song

It all started in a parking lot on Music Row…

Lee Brice sure knows how to grip our hearts with a solid emotional song, but when it comes to party songs, he calls on his friends for a little bit of help.

“I don’t naturally go write those,” Lee Brice told Audacy’s Katie Neal of writing upbeat, party songs. “I naturally go write, ‘Memory I Don’t Mess With,’ that’s where I naturally go… I have to consciously go write a song like ‘More Beer,’ or ‘If You’ or ‘Parking Lot Party.’ I have to make myself do that. I love it, I just don’t naturally go there.”

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So who are some of these party-song-type friends Lee can lean on for inspiration? Well, Thomas Rhett and his dad, Rhett Akins, of course!

Lee Brice proceeded to tell a story from just before the release of his 2012 album, Hard 2 Love, when he ran into Akins in a parking lot on Nashville’s Music Row, which lead to a impromptu writing session with Thomas Rhett where the tailgate jam, “Parking Lot Party,” was born.

“I had written a song that day, and I was actually walking out to get into my truck from a co-write on Music Row,” said Brice. “I saw Rhett kind of hanging on his tailgate in the back of their spot where they write…. He said, ‘Come on, let’s write one,’ and I said, ‘Well, alright.’”

The pair proceeded into the studio where they met up with Thomas and less than an hour later, “Parking Lot Party” was born.

“We immediately just dove in, we wrote the song in like… an hour. Forty- five minutes, we were done. It was pretty simple because it was like, ‘This is what I’m looking for,’ and once you have ‘Parking Lot Party’ out there, I mean it was kinda hard to mess that one up.”

Fast forward to today, Brice is still writing jams and has even more on the way!

“Before I even had this last record out [Hey World] I had multiple records lined up,” shared Lee. “I wrote a good bit through this last year and a half and did some more demos and stuff. All I really need to do is go in and pick songs and stuff. Go in and just really pick the songs because I’ve got them all sitting around waiting.”

He continued, “I’m sure I’ll end up writing a few more for it, once I kind of like, get my bearing on what I want the record to be, because right now I could put together one of 50 different kinds of records.”

Maybe TR and Rhett can help out again this go around? Worked out well last time!!

Watch Katie’s full interview with Lee above!

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