Lee Brice's wife got her first songwriting cut, and his reaction is everything

'I am forever your biggest fan'
Sara & Lee Brice
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Turns out Lee Brice isn’t the only songwriter in the family as his wife, Sara, just received her first big songwriting break. Sara’s song, “Voices,” was recently cut and recorded by Country artist, Jana Kramer, and Lee is one proud hubby!

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“Sara has always been extremely talented musically, and a writer,” Lee told Audacy’s Coop. “She was writing poems as a kid, she’s been everything from [a] DJ to dancer to all of it… She sat down and started writing with a friend of hers and I said, ‘Sara, you could totally write songs.’ So she sat down and they started writing a bunch.”

He continued, “She’s probably written 150 songs in the last couple of years, so it’s not me — it’s just been her doing it. I’ll help her with learning how to get like, demos down and stuff like that and try to help her with that language and stuff but this song for her… This song was just really special to her and some really close people in her life — it’s really meant for them. She just wants the world to hear something that matters. I thought it was really cool Jana cut it and it’s like top three on iTunes.”

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Looks like Lee may have some competition headed his way as he gets ready to celebrate what could be his 7th Career #1 with “Memory I Don’t Mess With.” Despite the success his own music is seeing, Lee remains all about, “Voices,” as he wrote a sweet letter to his wife via Instagram to share the single with his fans.

“My Sara. This song… This song is your heart. I’ve known it since the day you wrote it,” Brice wrote with a photo of then single image. “What a powerful message and just so honest.”

He went on to acknowledge the individuals involved in the song including cowriter De’Leah [Shane] and Kramer. Brice thanked them on behalf of his wife, who was unable to post to her Instagram after being hacked.

“Your Instagram account was hacked and you’re locked out of it so you can’t even talk about the story of the song. But I know if you could - You would want people to know that it’s such a special song to you and came from an extremely personal and passionate place, and you would want to encourage people.”

The post continues, “You would hope and pray that anyone in this world feeling broken would listen to this and know, ‘and know’ that they are worthy, they are beautifully made and they have a purpose... I am truly so proud of you, baby. I am always so blown away by your heart. I am forever your biggest fan."

“Voices” is available now.

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