LOCASH describe the 'awesome' feeling they get from supporting The Little Yellow School House

'These kids got it a little tougher than other kids. So, let's get in there and help 'em out'

We're now approaching day two of the Island Time Music Festival, gone virtual this year in the age of the pandemic, but going ahead full-steam in support of the children and staff at The Little Yellow School House in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

Now in its 12th year running with the aim of raising 100% of the operating costs of The Little Yellow School House for physically and mentally disabled children, virtual live sets are scheduled from some of the biggest names in Country music, like Vince GillJake Owen, Lee BriceJohn RichRunaway June, and many more -- including the always upbeat LOCASH!

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Speaking with RADIO.COM's Rob + Holly ahead of their performance tonight (Thursday, February 25 @ 7PM CT) Chris Lucas and Preston Brust of LOCASH gave us some insight into the long-established charity event, and what it has meant to them to be a part of the journey over the past seven years.

After a bit of an adorable distraction from his son (which made Holly break out the puppets!), Preston explained how excited he is to once again be included in the festival and support the school house. "I'll tell you what man, it's awesome... They've got like a 79%-80% conversion rate of getting the kids back into regular schools and accepted at public schools. I mean anything that we can do to help kids, obviously, we want to do that, but this one kind of strikes a chord with us. Just because these kids got it a little tougher than other kids. So, let's get in there and help 'em out."

"They get shoes, books... a lot of stuff," says Chris. "But you don't understand it until you go there. It is a fun island, there's a lot of stuff there -- but a lot of poverty also," he explains. "I think they really appreciate us being there and really doing it. Yes, it's a blast for sure, but to do it for that cause and to help these kids, you just see running around on the island, and making it better for them."

Now on day 2 of 4, tickets for the "pay what you can" festival are available now. Events and artist schedules are subject to change. This year's virtual event is produced and directed by award-winning cinematographer Shaun Silva and TackleBox Films.

Revealing how their performance was filmed, Preston says Silva is "more than just a video maker and a director. He is like a movie guy... he's got the vision. So he set up this COVID-safe glass box up at his studio. We went in, set up inside the box -- it was almost like an aquarium -- it was awesome. There's no doubt that Shaun captured the classiness of it, as well as the safety of it, and brings it home for everybody."

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As a little bonus, Rob + Holly got some behind-the-scenes details about Chris and Preston's bromance with the Gronkowski brothers, who are featured on their single "Cloud Of Dust." As the story goes, Gronk needed to make some friends during a trip to Florida, so Chris went to a dinner set up by a mutual acquaintance. After hitting it off, they wanted to expand the circle of pals with Preston and Gronks brothers. Eventually, the idea came about to record a song together. "Those guys are great man, I love the Gronks," says Preston. Watch the funny clip above.

As you enjoy the special Island Times Music Festival over the next few days, remember that The Little Yellow School House needs your help. There are two easy ways to donate: Text "Island Time" to 202-858-1233 (message and data rates may apply), or visit islandtimemusicfest.com.

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