Luke Bryan Crying Over 10-Year-Old Son's Birthday Surprise

A special gift for everyone

A belated Happy Birthday is in order for Luke Bryan’s son Tate, who turned 10 years old on Tuesday.

While these days, just about anything besides sitting on the couch would do as a birthday celebration, Tate got himself a big 'ole surprise, which Luke made sure to document and share with his Instagram followers.

Bryan posted Tate’s sweet and emotional reunion with his cousin Til, who left for college earlier this month. In the clip, Tate is seen standing behind the kitchen island with his mom, Caroline Bryan.

"There is one little surprise for your birthday," she told him right before Til made his way into the room. As soon as Tate caught sight of his cousin, he ran and jumped into the 18-year-old's arms, as Til wished him a happy birthday. "I'm literally crying," Bryan says in the background of the shot, and even captioned the video, "[Oh my God], I'm crying. Tate just got his 10th birthday surprise. Til!!! Happy birthday buddy.”

The Bryan’s took in Til and his two older sisters, Kris and Jordan, in 2014 after the death of their father, Ben Lee Cheshire. Their mom, Bryan's sister Kelly, passed in 2007.

Till’s homecoming came less than two weeks after his family dropped him off at college. Caroline shared a heartwarming photo of the two sharing a hug on Instagram, along with a sweet message, "I left a big piece of my heart today in Georgia. Been dreading this day for years, but I guess it’s time for Til to fly. Still can’t handle it right now! Good luck in college my sweet boy.”

On a less emotional, but still celebratory note, Luke recently earned his 25th number one hit with his latest single “One Margarita.” However, with great success, comes great responsibility and in Luke’s case, it’s constantly being sent the popular drink, often frozen but sometimes served on ice.

Bryan shared the scoop during a virtual sit down on Late Night with Seth Myers, stating, "I'm like, well, guys, I appreciate the sentiment and the gesture, but I don't really need to black out here at me and my wife's go-to restaurant. It’s becoming the thing where... people just expect me to down three margaritas and take a shot of tequila and just, you know, hop in the car and start rammin' cars as I fly out of the parking lot.”

Listen to "One Margarita" below, and just remember, if you see Luke out at a restaurant sitting social distantly away, minding his own biz… be sure to send him a marg on us ;).

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