EXCLUSIVE: Luke Combs Convinces Artists to Give Him a Shout Out During the CMA Awards

What to watch for from Luke Bryan, Little Big Town, and more

Luke Combs is having one of the biggest and best years in all of music, but as they say, sometimes you’re only as big as the boys back home.

The “Beer Never Broke My Heart” singer is the host of RADIO.COM’s coverage of the 2019 CMA Awards, and as other Country stars came through, Combs asked them each for a little favor.

“I’m very excited,” he says of his upcoming performance on the show. “But I’m more excited about my friends knowing that I have cool friends.”

“I’ve been pressuring people into doing something during their live performance,” he confesses to Luke Bryan. “So if there’s some sort of way for you on the television to give me a tip of the cap during the performance, so that I can tell my friends that I’m cool and that they did that specifically for me.”

“I would tip of the hat but I’m not going to wear a hat,” Kelsea Ballerini explains.

“I could give you a hat,” Combs quickly suggests, hoping to be able to brag about knowing the “Homecoming Queen?” singer.

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Luke would not be deterred, always offering a solution for each of his friends across Country music. “Maybe smash a guitar,” he recommend to Little Big Town, and anyone else who showed any resistance to the idea of acknowledging him on stage.

“We’re singing a ballad, so that could be difficult” admits Karen Fairchild.

It could be. It could also be the ultimate shout out the singer is looking for. “I’ll tell you this, at the end when I look into the camera, I’m really looking at you” she offers as a consolation.

“Into my soul,” Combs adds.

“As long as your fiancée doesn’t get mad at me,” Karen qualifies, as Luke assures her she’ll be fine.

You can watch all the ways in which Country stars are set to shout out Luke Combs on stage in the full video above, and what he offered in return to Luke Bryan. Hopefully it all comes true at the 2019 CMA Awards happening on Wednesday November 13 at 8PM ET / 7PM CT on ABC.

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