EXCLUSIVE: Parmalee and Blanco Brown Hand out More Roses in Our 'Unofficial' Music Video

Watch the fun clip from RADIO.COM

Parmalee and Blanco Brown just keep delivering smiles.

The country combo delivered all the feels on their single, “Just the Way,” but that was nothing compared to how the new music video for the song brought the lyrics to life.

The clip accentuates the theme of the song, which is that people are perfect the way they are – they all deserve the roses that Parmalee and Blanco are handing out.

“I love you just the way God made you. Girl, he don’t make mistakes,” Matt Thomas sings. “What you call your imperfections I call beautiful, babe.”

That’s the “official” video, and then there’s the “unofficial” video above. The clip is actually a lot like the original but with one big difference: we’re the ones getting the roses during an exclusive live performance of “Just The Way!”

Parmalee and Blanco Brown strolled through RADIO.COM offices, went up and down the elevator, and even surprised strangers on the street with roses and a song. Needless to say, there were a lot of happy faces in New York that day.

“Just the Way” was first released at the end of 2019 and marked the first collaboration between the “Carolina” band and the “The Git Up” singer, who had been friends for several years.

Parmalee and Blanco Brown will soon hit the road together for their co-headlining Just the Way tour.

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