RADIO.COM LIVE: HARDY relives the 'stoner realization' of 'A ROCK'

'It's been a long time coming'

With his first album A ROCK debuting recently, HARDY has been delighting fans with his simply masterful Country sound. Now as the bright rising Country star sits down with RADIO.COM's Coop, the singer and songwriter delves into what it feels like to finally have his first official LP out there for the world to listen to. Plus after the interview, HARDY performs our favorite songs from the new album.

With writing credits for Florida Georgia Line, Blake Shelton, and Morgan Wallen, it only makes sense that HARDY would begin to release his own music.

After a handful of successful singles released in 2018 and 2019, now HARDY is flying solo on his first full length, 12-track, LP. “It feels good, it's been a long time coming. I’ve put out projects in the past, but nothing that's kind of been like, you know, my baby, my first real solo record,” shares HARDY.

The thirty-year-old, Mississippi native gained traction in 2019 when he released his collaborative Hixtape Vol. 1 which featured Country greats such as Keith UrbanTrace Adkins, and Thomas Rhett. However, HARDY considers A ROCK his, “first statement as an artist.”

Hardy tells us the title track from A ROCK came from what he calls a “stoner realization.” The artist was driving along one day and came to the realization that the whole world is just made up of rocks and that the planet itself is just one big rock. “It was just this crazy, kind of stoner thought and I just wrote it down, I wrote down ‘a rock’ and I just knew there was some way you could say that all,” HARDY explains as he laughs about the story now. Shortly after this realization, HARDY got to work with two of his friends and they wrote the song in one night.

The singer says that the song from A ROCK that best represents him is “Boots.” He feels like that tune is truly defining who he is as a musician and he tells Coop he would play that song for someone listening to his music for the first time.

In terms of launching his first solo album amidst the pandemic, HARDY says, “I kind of like not over saturating myself because I think it's gonna make it that much sweeter when we go back to play shows. I think people are going to be more excited to see the show and the new performances and so I’m kinda personally a fan of not necessarily overdoing it with the new record until we can actually truly get out there.” However, tomorrow night HARDY is playing a socially distanced show in Georgia. He adds, “I’m definitely dying inside, I just want to go play the record for everybody.”

Watch more from HARDY in his interview above, and check out RADIO.COM/live.

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