RADIO.COM's Leading Ladies Limelight: Meghan Patrick

Celebrating the women of Country all month long
Meghan Patrick
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Throughout the month of March, RADIO.COM will be celebrating the Leading Ladies of Country music with special interviews and performances from some of the biggest female names in the genre.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we're celebrating the power of Women in Country by honoring iconic heritage female artists, showcasing the genre's rising stars, and spotlighting today’s hit female artists. Today RADIO.COM welcomes Meghan Patrick! Don't miss her full interview and performance of "My First Car" above!

Meghan's got a broad range of music that she pulls inspiration from, keeping women in mind like the incomparable Aretha Franklin, whose "raw emotion" stands out in her recordings. "When she was cutting records, there was no auto-tune... you're cutting to tape and it's live off the floor in a studio," says Meghan. "That was always a big one for me. Bonnie Raitt is another big one, because she also is a great guitar player too. Susan Tedeschi, another great guitar player, great singer -- and also, her husband is my favorite guitar player of all time, Derek Trucks."

"I'm so blessed to have so many amazing, super-talented friends right now currently here in Nashville, some of them you know and are included in this: Lainey Wilson, and Ashlyn Craft, and Kasey Tyndall... there's a few other girls that are just getting started so you may not know their names yet but you will. They inspire me more than anything because we have this amazing group and we love each other, we support each other, it's not competitive, it's not catty. We all see it as, 'if you win, I win.' We all elevate each other."

"When people that work hard and have actual, authentic great music and it gets its chance to be in the limelight," she adds, "that gives me hope that my music is going to have that chance eventually, too."

Sharing similarities with fellow Country singer and RADIO.COM Leading Lady Lindsay Ell who also hails from Canada, Meghan says she also looks to her as inspiration on how to navigate coming to the States to expand her career. "It is different," she says, "trying to start from square one again, but at the end of the day I'm just happy to be in the mix and to have the opportunity in the first place."

Offering a bit of advice to singers looking to make their own way in the industry, Meghan says "there are some people that move her, and they have this idea in their head that there are certain people that they need to become friends with and hang out with because they think it's going to elevate their image or it's going to be the right connection. Maybe this isn't for everybody, but for me, I was interested in hanging out with people that I genuinely liked... This is a very frustrating, isolating, and lonely job sometimes, and if you don't have real friends to vent to and talk to about what you're going through... it's really tough. It's ten times harder than if you have real people around you."

Watch Rob + Holly's full interview with Meghan Patrick above and follow along as we spotlight the Leading Ladies of Country across your favorite RADIO.COM Country stations throughout the entire month of March!

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