RADIO.COM's Leading Ladies Limelight: Robyn Ottolini

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Robyn Ottolini
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Throughout the month of March, RADIO.COM will be celebrating the Leading Ladies of Country music with special interviews and performances from some of the biggest female names in the genre -- all culminating with a virtual end-of-month concert event.

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In honor of Women’s History Month, we're celebrating the power of Women in Country by honoring iconic heritage female artists, showcasing the genre's rising stars, and spotlighting today’s hit female artists. Today RADIO.COM welcomes Robyn Ottolini! Don't miss her full interview and performance of "F-150" above!

Robyn has been super into marine conservation ever since seeing a whale go up against a shark, and has been diving into learning everything she can about her new favorite species, sharks. She even offered up some pointers to Rob + Holly on how to avoid being the not-so-lucky whale and what to do if you suddenly find yourself being sized up.

But Shark Week this is not, although Holly's son would definitely disagree. Today we're talking with Robyn about the women who, whether musically, mentally, or spiritually, have made a difference in her life and lasting impact on her career.

Robyn provided a three-way tie between Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris, and Miranda Lambert. "Because I think all three of those women do not care about your opinion," she says. "They are so strong-willed, so brave, courageous... they just do them and I love that. I think more women need to just not care what other people's opinions are and just go for it."

"In high school, I used to feel competitive against every other female," Robyn continues. "I was like, 'I gotta be the best!' After high school, I was just like, 'nah let's just drink wine! Let's not fight, I don't want to do that.' I think we're always just pinned up against each other since we're young, you know?"

Some advice Robyn would give to her younger self would be to simply "love yourself" and to try not to judge others. "I think younger me would have really benefitted from just loving other women and loving myself, and not pinning ourselves against each other. There's enough room for all of us in this universe, and this world."

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