Randy Travis Returns to Reveal First Song Since His 2013 Stroke, 'Fool's Love Affair'

Travis makes his triumphant return to country music

Country music stalwart and Nashville’s honorary "Mayor of Music Row," Randy Travis, is making a triumphant return with a song that’s been around for his entire career.

The Country Music Hall of Fame inductee just released the single "Fool's Love Affair,” his first radio offering since suffering a near-fatal stroke in 2013.

The classic ballad written in 1982 alongside radio personality Charlie Monk, as well as Milton Brown, and Keith Stegall has been in his repertoire since 1984, just before the release of his debut single, "On The Other Hand."

As the story goes, Monk had asked Travis and his wife Mary Travis about officially releasing the track a few years back, but the masters were nowhere to be found. "He looked for three years," Mary Travis tells the Tennesseean. "He said, 'I turned everybody upside down in Nashville that I thought might have it.' ... Nobody had it."

As luck would have it, only a day before sending a bunch of old boxes to the Country Music Hall of Fame, Monk literally tripped over the recording when he knocked them from a hiding spot in his home. After receiving a proper mix from Travis’ producer Kyle Lehning, it was time for the song to shine.

"It was like unearthing a little buried treasure," Lehning said.

"For it to all come together the way that it did ... it's kinda magical," Mary Travis said. "So many times it could've fallen through the cracks and disappeared."

Travis has more music for fans itching for that sweet, sweet baritone. It’s just a matter of tracking it all down now. "Some of them, we don't even know the writers," Mary Travis said. "That's 35 years of diggin' we gotta do. Some of 'em are in good shape, some of 'em we gotta find out more information."

While they dig, Travis’ live gospel album and DVD was released earlier this year and last year the singer gave fans a look at his life story in the memoir, Forever and Ever, Amen.

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