Scotty McCreery recalls meeting Dolly Parton and being mistaken for Clay Aiken

He tells Audacy's Katie Neal all about it

Since winning season 10 of American Idol in 2011, Scotty McCreery’s life has never been the same.

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Traveling the world, signing autographs and scoring the #1 spot in Country music with three of his own singles has made life a little different for the Carolina boy, but Scotty remains humble as ever.

The 27 year-old admits he still gets starstruck by his peers in the industry who he continues to look up to as a fan, but there’s one artist in particular that Scotty says put a “twinkle in his eye.”

“The most starstruck I’ve ever been [was] meeting Dolly Parton for the first time,” Scotty told Audacy’s Katie Neal. “Somebody captured a picture of it… and you can just see like, the twinkle in my eye and the grin I had. That was quite a moment for me, I’m not even sure what I said, probably didn’t even make sense.”

Whether he admits it or not, Scotty’s presence can do the same for his fans who have the chance to meet him, but every now and then he might see a face of “disappointment” when he isn’t who they thought he was.

“I get the Clay Aiken thing more often than not,” Scotty told Katie when asked if he had ever been mistaken as another celebrity. “If I’m around my buddies, they lose it, they’re just rollin’,” he said laughing. “I get it, it is what it is. I still live in North Carolina… and this guy also lives right here in North Carolina and he did American Idol.”

Check out Scotty’s full interview with Katie above for more info including news on new music and the song Scotty says was “the best song of 2020.”

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