Taylor Swift says her tracks on ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’ are actually better than the originals

Swift brings forth a voice that has 'sung more concerts' and has more 'wisdom
By , Audacy

As we continue to rejoice over the re-release of Taylor Swift’s sophomore album, Fearless, the star herself joined Audacy’s Katie Neal to discuss the decision she made to re-release one of her most beloved albums and the emotional labor and love that went into re-recording each track.

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With the original album debuting almost 13 years ago, Taylor tells us, “it was so nostalgic to re-record Fearless because it was an album that was so important in my growth as a person, and as a girl and as a woman, and as a songwriter. It was kind of that album where it was the perfect storm of like coming of age and coming of age in my career too.”

Considering it her “breakthrough” album Swift also says, “I think going back in and re-doing it, I was so happy and excited to sort of bring my voice and my insight of having lived 15 years plus longer than this album to kind of bring that to the album if that makes sense. You know, to kind of bring as much wisdom as you have and a voice that’s sung more concerts, learned more tricks… it was fun to think that it could possibly even be improved.”

With some hesitancy tinged with confidence, Taylor even remarks that these new versions might be better, “question mark!? That’s how I feel at least!” As a seasoned artist with maturity to back her ever-powerful voice, Fearless (Taylors Version), takes on new life and a new meaning not just for Taylor, but for Swifities everywhere who came up on the original album.

The superstar tells us that even now when she sings “White Horse,” she still gets emotional. The song which is