Tenille Arts talks about 'back then, right now,' and everything in between

'It’s been incredible'

Eight months after securing her first #1 song with, “Somebody Like That,” Tenille Arts is finally getting to celebrate the accomplishment with fans. According to her, they’re making it well-worth the wait.

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“It went #1 while, like, the world was shut down,” Tenille told Audacy’s Jesse Addy. “I never got to see anybody singing the song back to me, and then it all happened, all at once. The first show back, everybody was singing ‘Somebody Like That’ and [I] ended up on the Lady A tour, so I get to sing it every night now and it’s been incredible.”

While soaking up the hard-earned success, Tenille is also propelling forward with her new single, “Back Then Right Now.” The song pays tribute to her younger days, growing up in Canada, which she explains aren’t as different from an American upbringing as some may think.

“I feel like my upbringing was very similar to anyone brought up in a small town,” she shared. “I got to hang out with my friends, walk up and down main street, drive my little yellow Pontiac. It was really simple times and I think it’s just like any other small town in America.”

With every intent to bring listeners back to the mindset of simpler times, there is one “complicated” thing surrounding the song, and that’s the  music video’s tricky dance choreography.

“I did grow up dancing, so I got the choreography pretty easily, but I hadn’t danced in a really long time, so I wasn’t very confident in myself,” Arts admitted. “Once the day came, I as just ready to do it, I had practiced.”

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