Things get fishy when Zac Brown shares he has a gill

ZB, we just want to be 'Part of Your World'

We already know Zac Brown is a lot of great things; talented vocalist, guitar player, songwriter — but what we didn’t know is he’s also part fish!

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Yup, you read that right! During an interview with Rob + Holly before Audacy’s Stars and Strings Presented by Samsung Galaxy on Saturday night, Zac shared that, according to him, he anatomically has a gill. Say whaaa?

“You see that right there,” Zac said pointing to a section of his left ear in the interview posted above. “That’s where, when you’re an embryo, and you’re like, breathing embryonic fluid, that’s where your gills are. Mine didn’t actually close up all the way on one side.”

We don’t know much about human gills, but we’ll believe anything Zac says, especially knowing what an avid diver he is. It only makes sense he is practically one with the fish.

“I feel at home in the ocean more than anywhere,” he shared, before explaining how he communicates with “curious” sharks while spearfishing.

“They get curious,” he said. “If you’re spearfishing, they try to take your fish, so you gotta kinda bluff ‘em. You gotta swim toward ‘em and poke at ‘em. You don’t hurt ‘em, but you let ‘em know that you’re not a food source. Usually they’ll leave you alone.”

Usually??? Sounds like Zac’s tactics are only semi-successful. Ruh-roh.

“I kinda got into it with a Lemon Shark one time… a pretty good one,” he admitted. “My buddy had speared a fish and he was underneath this rock ledge and the only things stickin’ out were his legs. So, you got the scent line of the fish that was coming out, which the shark could smell, and then he sees the motion of his legs…”

Is this stressing anyone else out?

Zac continued, “So to keep him from eating my buddy’s legs off, I’d have to go down and poke him…. Took about four attempts to scare him off.”

Add “good friend” to that list of amazing Zac Brown qualities! To listen to Zac’s full interview with Rob + Holly, check out the video above.

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