Thomas Rhett bares his 'old soul' breaking down his new album 'Country Again (Side A)'

Rob + Holly chat with Thomas Rhett for Friday Night's Album Takeover

Thomas Rhett took over Audacy’s airwaves on Friday with Rob + Holly to celebrate the release of his album, Country Again: Side A.

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During his time on air, Thomas gave us the inside scoop on everything to do with the album, which songs he is most-excited for fans to hear and what he was thinkin’ and drinkin’ when he wrote them.

With songs spanning topics from the loss of a good friend to the love he has for his family and his experiences growing up, the album showcases a mature side of Rhett, but Rob + Holly wanted to make sure he understood one thing - at 31 years old, he is not old!

“I feel like you think you’re super old, are you an old soul?” Holly asked. “I can’t wait to hear music from you when you’re actually old.”

“Very old soul,” replied Rhett. “And the first time I saw gray hairs on my body I was like let’s go!’ he laughed.

While he may not be old, Rhett does have a lot more experience than most to pull from when it comes to the life of an artist. He was raised on a tour bus as he traveled the country with his dad, Rhett Akins, who is also a Country musician.

“I’ve been doing this [Country music] for ten years, but I’ve kinda been doin’ it for 25 years,” Thomas shared. “I’m only 31 years old, but I did grow up on a tour bus pretty much. From the time I was eight or nine years old I was always trying to figure out ways to get out of school on a Thursday to hop on the bus with my Dad to watch him go play fairs and festivals.”

Rhett now gets to return the fun of touring to his kids and wife, Lauren, who he says have been the greatest blessings in his life.

“There’s a song called on the record… called ‘Ya Heard,’ which finishes the record out and to me, that’s like a decade worth of prayers in a song,” Rhett revealed. “When I think of the three most important things I’ve ever asked for in this life, one of them being my wife, the second one prayer fervently that I could sing songs and happen to make a living doing it, and then having babies.”

Rhett’s faith has always been a strong pillar for him, not only in life, but in his songwriting as well. The new album features perhaps one of his most faith-based songs ever, “Heaven Right Now,” written about the loss of his close friend.

“It was a really hard song to write,” Rhett shared. “Lauren and I lost a really good friend about nine years ago… I’ve never really lost in my life, anyone super close to me… This whole concept was just… while we’re doin’ life as usual down here, you’re probably like doin’ something way cooler than we are up in heaven.”

The song is one Rhett is most excited for fans to hear as he believes it may help them heal from their own loss and heartache.

Check out the full interview with Rob + Holly above to hear even more stories behind the songs and what else to expect from the album.

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