Thomas Rhett says a collaboration with his hero, Eric Church, is on the radar

'He’s always been one of my heroes in this genre'
Eric Church and Thomas Rhett
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Thomas Rhett has made it clear he’s a big fan of Eric Church. With mentions of Country music’s “Outsider” on two tracks from his latest album, Country Again: Side A, it’s also clear Rhett is a fan of singing about the Chief, so what about singing with him?

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Rhett revealed a collab with Church is on the radar and we’ve lost all our ability to play it cool.

“He’s always been one of my heroes in this genre, and recently, over the last couple of years, I’ve gotten to become pretty good friends with Eric,” Thomas told Audacy’s Gunner and Cheyenne. “We’ll bounce songs off each other. I’ll send him a song of mine, he’ll send me a song of his — really looking for that collaboration one of these days, I think it’s going to work out in the next couple of years.”

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So what is it about Country music’s rule breaker that is so appealing to Rhett?

“Every time I listen to Eric’s music I go back to being 16 years old,” Thomas shared. “He’s just a nostalgic name in our household. He’s mine and my wife [Lauren Akins’] favorite artist. Me and Lauren share a lot of memories going to see him in our high school days, in our college days… he really does represent a lot of memories from our childhood.”

Eric Church isn’t the only one receiving shoutouts in Thomas’ songs. Rhett also shouts out his young daughters in songs like, “To The Guys That Date My Girls.” With his oldest daughter only being five, some may think Thomas is jumping the gun on this topic, but according to Rhett, you can never be too prepared.

“You gotta be prepared for this stuff,” Thomas said. “That’s a conversation you gotta be ready for… [I’m] just gettin’ prepared early, maybe like 15 years in advance, but you can never be too prepared. I’m a pretty old soul and a heck of an over-thinker, so that song did not come out of nowhere.”

With three daughters and a fourth on the way, we don’t blame Rhett for preparing himself, but we also can’t help but wonder — is he hoping for a boy next time around?

“It’s always kind of been a dream of mine,” Thomas replied when asked if he was itching to add a boy to the family. “But, at the same time, if all we had was girls, I would be thrilled.”

He continued, “I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to raise these girls and I don’t know, they just love me so well. I don’t know that I want to deal with a boy that acts as crazy as I did when I was younger,” he said laughing. “I love being a girl dad, and I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I really don’t know what would happen if we threw a boy into the mix.”

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