RADIO.COM LIVE: Jimmie Allen Will Make It Through Quarantine Just Fine with His New Business Empire

‘My dad always taught me, never settle for just one stream of revenue’

Country singer and songwriter Jimmie Allen joined us for a special RADIO.COM LIVE interview and performance hosted by Katie Neal to let us in on his time under quarantine and fill us in on any new music in the works.

Jimmie, currently getting in some fishing at his grandfather’s house in Delaware, has been doing all he can to keep some semblance of normalcy while the pandemic takes its course. With touring currently on the back-burner for so many artists like himself, he’s been doing quite a bit of fishing both at home and abroad, and even got to take in the magic of Disney with no wait times.

“I haven’t been able to fish this much in years, so I’m making the best out of it for sure,” he says. But don’t let his laid-back attitude fool you; really, he’s been extremely hard at work. Aside from working on music, he’s also branched out into other areas outside of his creative field, based on advice he received from his father.

“I’ve just been working,” he tells Katie. “I started a publishing company, a video production company… I started a production company where I’m working with a  couple of other artists. I started a septic company, a transportation company… working on a movie, working on a TV show and some other stuff. There’s a bunch of stuff I wanted to do, so I just said ‘let’s do it.’”

“My dad always taught me, never settle for just one stream of revenue,” Jimmie explains. “I’m glad I took his advice, because if I was just focused on touring revenue, this year would have been really, really bad. Touring was just taken away, just like that. Done.

“I’m just trying to find ways to create different things I can pass on to my kids, and at the same time we’re creating jobs for other people as well.”

Without a doubt one of the most productive individuals we have had the pleasure of speaking with during quarantine, Jimmie is fully in tune with what he needs to keep his family and loved ones strong during this uncertainty.

“Life throws curveballs at you; sometimes life throws a whole life at you,” he says. “That’s what 2020 did, 2020 threw a whole life at us. But you always have two choices. You could either whine and complain how bad things are, or you could find a way to finesse your way through the foolishness and get through it.”

Throughout the health crisis, Jimmie says he’s been working on writing and performing, notably when he had gone fishing in Alaska with his pals Matt Stell and Chris Bandi, where they played some acoustic sets in between rigging poles.

The whole, “Zoom writing session” thing, however doesn’t particularly suit him.

“I’ve been writing with some buddies,” he admits. “But we’ve been writing together in person. I told them I’m not doing that, I can’t write a Country song over Zoom.”

Bettie James, his latest EP, is an emotional collaboration album dedicated to Jimmie's late father and grandmother and is out now, featuring songs with Brad PaisleyCharley PrideDarius RuckerMickey GuytonNellyNoah CyrusThe Oak Ridge BoysRita WilsonTauren Wells, and Tim McGraw.

“I didn’t know it was going to be a single,” Jimmie admits about “This Is Us,” with Noah Cyrus. “The more I heard it I was like, ‘I love this song.’ If people actually gave this song a chance I think it could do alright… It’s been crazy.”

During his sets in Alaska, Jimmie says the reception to the song had been incredible. “I’ve never heard people sing a song of mine back this fast,” he says. “Hopefully this song makes it way to people who need to hear it.”

Watch the full interview above, and stay tuned for more exclusive chats and sets from your favorite artists on RADIO.COM LIVE.

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