'Dawson's Creek' is coming to Netflix without the Paula Cole theme song

Let's all meet back in Capeside on November 1
Michelle Williams and James Van Der Beek of 'Dawson's Creek'
Michelle Williams and James Van Der Beek of 'Dawson's Creek' Photo credit Getty Images

The highly acclaimed '90s television show Dawson's Creek is about to find a new life and a new set of viewers thanks to Netflix!

The coming of age series starring James Van Der BeekKatie HolmesMichelle Williams, and Joshua Jackson, will begin streaming again on November 1. But according to Netflix, there will be one glaring omission.

The original theme song they are talking about is the beloved Paula Cole track "I Don't Want To Wait."

The show ran for six seasons on the WB network, and every episode began with the now classic song. When the series was picked up by streaming services in the past, the theme was replaced with Jann Arden's "Run Like Mad." Netflix will follow suit.

Paula, in a 2018 essay explained that she would like to be involved but execs seem to have lost her number. "Everyone keeps asking me, 'Why won't you let them have the song?'," she said, discussing why the track is no longer featured. "Of course I would consider it! I’m right here! Come talk to me, Sony. Let’s negotiate!"

She added, “I’m an independent artist open for business! But I won’t give my music for free and I don’t think any artist should give their music for free unless it’s helping out another independent artist ― and then you renegotiate once the project is successful. I think giving one’s art for free to giant corporations hurts artists and musicians and society across the board.”

Now while you're still wiping away those tears, watch the video for Paula's "I Don't Want To Wait" over and over again above -- and consider coming back to listen during the credits before you watch all of the episodes again!

Dawson would want it that way.

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