Despite the police and pandemic, this bar can't quit karaoke - and it cost them

Some people just can't get enough karaoke

Whether it’s belting out classics such as “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” “Sweet Caroline,” or “Don’t Stop Believin’,” there’s certain songs that are made for karaoke. However, sharing a microphone with a group of strangers that have become your best friends over the course of a few hours and couple of drinks is also not the best idea during the middle of a pandemic.

According to the New York Post, a karaoke bar in Queens was busted for the third time in a month for disregarding New York’s coronavirus laws. Authorities rushed into WeGo KTV around 2:40 AM early Sunday morning and found about 40 people inside, many who weren’t wearing masks.

After those inside were escorted out and given masks, at least 13 people were given citations for violating safety regulations regarding social distancing and indoor dining.

How did the bar get busted?

Police had set up surveillance outside the bar around 9 PM on Saturday night and saw 20 people go inside between 9:45 PM and Midnight. The New York Post reports an employee was letting patrons in through the front door and locking it behind them. The sheriff’s office told the paper this meant those inside wouldn’t have been able to escape in the event of a fire.

Despite having its liquor license revoked last month, authorities found beer, wine, and liquor in various rooms and storage spaces.

WeGo KTV was first busted on September 4 after 311 received several complaints about loud music. Upon arrival, authorities found more than 100 individuals on the third floor of the building and proceeded to pull their license.

On September 19, authorities once again busted WeGo KTV when they discovered 75 people inside the business, many of whom were drinking, smoking, and not wearing masks. During that bust, police found rooms filled with alcohol and food along with 23 packs of untaxed cigarettes and three bladed weapons.

WeGo KTV’s bust on Sunday marked the sixth in New York City in just under a month. Will the third time be a charm?

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