It's Official: Elon Musk and Grimes Confirm Son's Name on Birth Certificate

A compromise has been made

Well, it's now in the books. Entrepreneur Elon Musk and his partner, Canadian singer Grimes (Claire Boucher) have fully committed to their brand new baby boy's unique name, X AE A-XII Musk.

As previously reported, there was a little uncertainty over whether or not the name would be accepted by their home state of California, which only allows the 26 alphabetical characters of the English language (and dashes) to be used in a name. That compromise seems to have been made, with the original "middle" name being AE A-12, the latter part a reference to the couple's favorite aircraft.

The baby's first name is X, according to the birth certificate obtained by TMZ, which Grimes explained previously as "the unknown variable." AE, she explained, is pronounced "ash" and is Grimes' "elven spelling of Ai (love &/or Artificial intelligence."

In the meantime, Elon has been shooting men into space and Grimes has been selling pieces of her soul in her first online art exhibition consisting of drawings, photographs, digital prints, conceptual art, and other pieces of art she’s created.

Don't worry about the kid's name so much.

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