SCREENSHOTS: Aaron Paul Is Here to Get You Ready for 'El Camino'

It has finally arrived on Netflix

El Camino picks up right where Breaking Bad left off, but it’s been six years since we last left Jesse Pinkman. Thankfully, Aaron Paul has provided a quick and hilarious recap to catch us up on all the details we might have forgotten since the finale.

“Even the most hardcore fans need a refresher before they see ‘El Camino’,” Jimmy Kimmel explained during Thursday night’s edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Suddenly, Aaron Paul appears, ready to refresh you. “A lot of stuff happened,” Paul says casually, delivering the giant understatement for the Emmy-winning show. But still, Aaron Paul unravels 5 seasons of the show in under 3 minutes.

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“Did I mention Walt’s son loves breakfast?” he asks Kimmel as he stands beside him. “You did,” Jimmy assures him.

“Hank starts collecting rocks, his wife loves the color purple, Walt hires a lawyer named Saul who gets his own show,” he continues. “Pink teddy bear – one eye hanging out, Walt throws a pizza on a roof, pimped out meth lab under a laundry mat, creepy Mexican murder twins shoot Hank, we kill a fly.”

“Wait wait wait, you kill a fly?” Kimmel interjects. “Yes! Yes! It was an entire episode,” Paul screams.

You can watch the full recap above from Aaron Paul on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

El Camino is on Netflix and in theaters everywhere now.

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