Ben Affleck reveals the 2 reasons he doesn’t regret making ‘Gigli’ with Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez attend the premiere of "Gigli" at the Mann National Theatre July 27, 2003 Photo credit Getty Images
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Ben Affleck has made lemonade out of one of Hollywood’s biggest lemons.

Released at the height of Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s initial romance, the 2003 film “Gigli” was a box office bomb and a critical disappointment.

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Despite the movie being the butt of jokes for years, Affleck has now revealed he has no regrets as the romantic comedy led to two profound discoveries that have impacted his life.

In a new Entertainment Weekly interview, the 49-year-old actor sat down with good friend Matt Damon to share his feelings on “Gigli.”

“The truth about that movie and what it taught me was how much everything around a movie sort of dictates the way people see it. But for being a movie that's such a famous bomb and a disaster, very few people actually saw the movie,” Affleck said. “[Gigli] didn't work and we did five weeks of reshoots, which we knew were not gonna work. It was a movie that didn't work.... Interestingly, I learned more about directing on that movie than anything else because Marty [Brest] is a brilliant director, really gifted. It's not like it's worse than all... there's a bunch of horrible movies and in terms of losing money, I've had five movies — at least! — that have lost more money than Gigli has.”

Affleck admits the media fascination with all things Bennifer only added to the “Gigli” backlash.

“It's just that it became a story in and of itself. The funny name, the Jennifer Lopez romance and overexposure of that, it was kind of a perfect storm,” the Oscar winner added.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck film a scene on the set of the upcoming film 'Gigli' on January 9, 2003 in Los Angeles, California Photo credit Getty Images

“And I remember talking to Marty the Friday it came out and I was like it's just spectacular, it's a tsunami, it couldn't be worse. This is as bad as it gets.”

Despite the tumultuous period, Affleck now credits the film for leading him to two great loves in his life.

“But if the reaction to Gigli hadn't happened, I probably wouldn't have ultimately decided, ‘I don't really have any other avenue but to direct movies,’ which has turned out to be the real love of my professional life. So in those ways, it's a gift,” he said, before bringing up a certain someone.  “And I did get to meet Jennifer, the relationship with whom has been really meaningful to me in my life.”

After co-starring in “Jersey Girl” and splitting in 2004, Affleck and Lopez rekindled their romance in 2021. They have not revealed if they have any plans to work on a film together again.

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