Ben Affleck Shares How Adam Driver Saved His Son's Birthday


Adam Driver made Ben Affleck’s son’s birthday a special one.

During Affleck’s interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," he explained that his 8-year-old son thinks “Star Wars” is real. He also explained how his son thought it was so cool that his father was in a movie with the real Kylo Ren, the character Adam Driver plays.

Affleck told Driver that his son loves the famous franchise, and asked if he could shoot a video to play for his son Samuel at his surprise birthday party.

Affleck told Kimmel that he was rushing home from a trip and the birthday gifts he ordered for his son hadn't arrived on time. The actor then shared that Driver saved the day by sending Samuel some "Star Wars" memorabilia.

"Adam made me a hero to my kid. And I will never, ever, ever forget it," Affleck said. "It's a really good lesson in doing those small gestures of kindness, because you have no idea. For [Driver], he's like, 'Yeah, send the Kylo Ren doll and the Kylo Ren LEGO and the Kylo Ren thing and the little picture of Kylo Ren signed by Kylo Ren.' It meant the world to [Samuel]. So much."

Watching him open the presents "was an incredibly moving and powerful moment," he said.

Affleck has three children with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, daughters Violet, 14, and Seraphina, 11, and Samuel.

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