Blake Lively recalls 'frightening' experience between paparazzi and her 3 daughters

Blake Lively
Photo credit Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Michael Kors

Blake Lively was looking out for the safety of her children when she opened up about an experience she had with the paparazzi on social media.

Lively was out and about with her three daughters - James, 6, Inez, 4, and Betty, 21 months - when a photographer continued to snap pics of the family despite Lively's pleas for them to stop.

In a since-deleted post from a tabloid, photos showed Lively and her children as seen by the photographer.

Lively commented on the post to describe her experience, outlining that the photographer continuously hid and jumped out at the family in order to snap some photos.

According to People, the comment from Lively on the post read, "You edit together these images together to look like I'm happily waving. But that is deceitful. The real story is: My children were being stalked by a men [sic] all day. Jumping out. and then hiding."

She went on to say that a stranger even stepped in to try to help, disturbed by the situation.

"A stranger on the street got into words with them because it was so upsetting for her to see," Lively added. She went on to say that she attempted to "calmly approach" the photographer.

The man would run away only to hide and jump back out a few blocks later.

"Where is your morality here?" Lively continued. "I would like to know. Or do you simply not care about the safety of children?"

She went on to say that she was able to speak to other photographers who agreed to "leave my kids alone" in return for photos of Lively by herself. "Please stop paying grown ass men to hide and hunt children," she said. "C'mon. Get with the times."

While Lively and Reynolds are more on the private side when it comes to their children, they still enjoy being parents to three little girls. Reynolds opened up about his experience about being a "girl dad" back in November.

"I love being a girl dad," Reynolds said in an interview with Access Hollywood. "I have three daughters, which I never in a million years would have imagined."

He went on to describe their busy schedules.

"I just try to be as present as possible," he said. "We don't split up - like I shoot movies and my wife shoots movies and we go travel all over the place and we just all go together."

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