Charlize Theron Wants to Get Her 'A–– Kicked' in WWE Ring


Charlize Theron is looking for a fight - literally.

The actress, who is no stranger to playing a very action-packed role in films, is hoping to take on her next challenger in the WWE ring. During an interview with WWE star Kofi Kingston, Theron revealed she'd love to enter the ring.

Kingston suggested that Theron had a future in wrestling. "Wow, is this an invite? Yes! When and where?" the actress retorted.

"I know we're in a crisis situation right now, so it's not anytime soon. But that sounds awesome and I will get my a-- kicked. So that would be really entertaining for everybody to watch because I am a mere actor," she continued.

While Theron admits she doesn't have a background in martial arts, she was a ballerina when she was younger, pointing out that ballet reminds her of martial arts in the way it tells a story.

During the interview, which was in place to promote Theron's new film "The Old Guard," Theron revealed she trained five hours a day for over three and a half months to nail the part.

"I think you might actually have a career or a future, if you wanted it, as a WWE superstar," Kingston encouraged her. "The fact for you to be able to pick up those moves so naturally, I would love to see you go one-on-one with a Becky Lynch or like a Sasha Banks."

Theron emphasized her excitement. "That would be so much fun," she said.

"The Old Guard" is set to debut on Netflix this week.

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